About Wolter Fans

Since 1971,  has designed and manufactured fans and ventilation products for the international market.
The product strategy is characterised by the continued improvement of tried products, as well as various new developments based on innovative design tools such as Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis, new materials (the first to introduce carbon fibreaxial impellers) and production technology.
 products have attained worldwide acceptance by meeting standards such as AMCA, BS848, ISO5801, DIN24163 and PIARC 1995.  Wolter has laboratories to test performance, materials, acoustics and speed controlling systems.  WOLTER products are used widely in all fields...  heating and ventilation systems, industry, mining, tunnel ventilation, agriculture, navy and offshore business. Through subsidiaries and sales representatives, WOLTER operates in all world markets.

As Wolter's Australasian distributors, the Sydney Fan Company can supply the entire Wolter range, and is fully equipped to produce custom-designed solutions for the differing needs of OEM customers.
The Sydney Fan Company will assist you during all stages of your project, from design to after-sales service.



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Wolter Corporate Brochure