Stock and Custom-built fans
At The Sydney Fan Company, we supply the full range of Wolter fans and accessories, fan shafts, bearings, pulleys and belts.
We also design and supply custom-built fans to meet yourspecial needs.

Comprehensive Dynamic Balancing
We provide a complete dynamic balancing service for fan blades, fan wheels, motor rotors and armatures.
We use the Presibalance Dynamic Balancing Systemcalibrated to ISO standard and we dynamically balance insingle plane and two planes.


Repairs and Maintenance
Our well equipped workshop in Seven Hills repairs fans, blowers and electric motors.


Custom designed and built ducting
We offer a complete custom building service for ducting.  Because of our extensive knowledge and experience of fans and their functions, we can help you design and construct the most efficient and cost-effective ductingto ensure you get the best performance from your fans and other air-moving equipment.

For a detailed discussion on your regular or special needs, please contact us by phone 02 9624 4000,  or email 

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